The leading boutique agency for creative rebellion.

 We work with global luxury fashion brands to nurture inspired creativity.

Our area of expertise is fashion, culture and style. The core elements of our work are the combination of experimental learning fused with hands-on styling workshops. Our curated content is driven by investigating the origins of style and trends, with a strong focus placed on iconic sub-cultural movements.

The Fierce Group’s unique learning experiences are delivered by some of the world’s most visionary academics, consultants and experts across the fields of fashion, art and culture. 

Our services include:

·     Inspirational team building days

·     Week-long customised training programmes

·     Long term strategised training programs

Known for a high energy and positive approach, The Fierce Group encourages your talent to engage and think outside the box.  We are passionate about captivating and inspiring, reinvigorating minds and developing a broader awareness of fashion, styling and creative culture.

First and foremost, the approach is fun and experimental.  The results are immediate.  The specialised content that The Fierce Group develops has been successfully rolled out globally by some of the most prominent luxury fashion brands in the world. 

Experimental Learning

The Fierce Group educates your talent about the cultural significance of fashion.  We create thoughtful explorations of sub-cultural movements, gender, sexuality, identity, underground idols and iconic imagery; that are culturally, historically or aesthetically significant to present day fashion.

Hands-on workshops

The Fierce Group’s pioneering workshops build confidence and push your talent to be daring, solve problems and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, regardless of whether they hold a global management position or are a junior staff member.  The key is to encourage all involved to be fearless when it comes to styling, decision making and outfit creation.  We champion a hunger to learn, self-expression and self-critique, as key elements to unleash your talent's true potential.

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