Our concrete development and learning experiences support your pool of talent so they can be at their best both independently and collectively.  

We motivate your talent and ensure that they are armed with their very own ‘ideas toolkit’ which sets them on a continual path of purposeful self-development, stimulating their approach to work and therefore greatly contributing to the business.  It is seminal for us to enable talent to explore and expand their horizons, encompass new skills, enrich their expertise and achieve their full potential.   

While we recognise that many brands have fantastic internal training programmes, a common thread that became apparent to us is that talent can become ‘institutionalised’.  Therefore, they don’t look outside of ‘their brand’ for an alternative point of reference, resulting in a one-dimensional sentiment that doesn’t always resonate with luxury fashion clientele of varying age-groups. We work with your talent to help them anticipate and adapt to society’s swiftly changing expectations so that they can bring real significance to the consumer and help sustain business over the long term.

Additionally, we have found that talent can be afraid that they will step outside of brand guidelines and fear that they will make mistakes.   Therefore, they become a little stuck with offering styling options and resort to safe repetitive formulas.  The Fierce Group’s hands-on styling workshops are committed to making your talent think, question and reassess all that they are doing in their day-to-day roles, while simultaneously deepening their passion for the brand in a new-found way.  We sharpen their eyes for iconic cultural references, trends, competitors, street style and key opinion leaders so that they can enliven their approach to fashion and styling. By offering a multi-experience creative journey in a nurturing environment, we give your talent an alternative exposure to fashion, art and culture.  We encourage each individual to share personal experiences and immerse themselves in reciprocal learning which further enhances their development.

Retail / Personal Shopping

Successful client engagement is driven by knowledge, confidence and the ability to continually adapt.  The Fierce Group presents forward-thinking initiatives that merge the creative with the pragmatic.  Creation is at the heart of every brand, so client-facing talent too must feel that they can create in order to thrive in providing excellent service.  Being pushed away from personal tastes and not sticking to the same styling formulas is key to giving your retail talent the ability to engage with any consumer while ensuring the high image standards of the brand are met. 

By using our unconventional techniques, combining experimental learning with hands-on styling workshops, each member of your retail talent community will get the skills to elevate their styling competencies.  Self-expression is encouraged, then this approach is unpicked and distilled into how it can be directed towards becoming a true ambassador for the brand. Developing your retail talent’s greater fashion, styling and cultural awareness enables them to engage clients with confidence, mastery and sophistication. 

Wholesale / Visual  Merchandising

While many dedicated wholesale and visual merchandisers are creating displays on a daily basis, the majority have not formally trained as stylists and need a little extra help with their confidence around creating looks.  Their continuous innovation that respects the brands DNA requires risk taking and constant re-evaluation of their own work. The Fierce Group works with your talent to help them dynamically challenge their approach.  We champion your talent so that they can be more self-reflective and work with a purpose, while maximising the results for the business. 

In addition to hands-on styling workshops, being open to the world and having a stronger awareness of culture is pivotal in driving immediate visual impact and contributing to qualitative boutique sales.  We know that your wholesale and visual merchandising talent already aims for excellence in execution, so we provide them with the tools and resources that increases their passion and growth, helping them to explore new approaches.  We create memorable learning experiences and successful engagement that unlocks new ideas and inspired creativity, which ultimately leads to increased performance and results for your business.  

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